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Boss Hot Yoga Studio is the first hot yoga studio in Dublin and Ireland to evolve from teaching Bikrams beginners yoga sequence to the intermediate Fierce Grace hot Yoga sequence to diversify and develop a variety of passionate unrestrained Vinyasa Yoga classes!

We are also the first studio to offer Bounce and Restore classes, a unique blend of fascial bounces, passive stretches (YIN) and neural glides to stimulate lymphatic flow, release tension, prevent energy stagnation and increase flexibility.

Our classes are chosen and designed to give our practitioners the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility for body and mind. There are six classes suitable for beginners, the remaining five for intermediate to advanced level practitioners. Our studio is fitted with state of the art Zebra flooring especially designed for hot yoga and is perfect for shoulder rolls, arm balances and head stands thanks to its shock-absorbing soft padding that is lacking in carpet and hardwood flooring. It is antimicrobial (this prevents the growth of micro-organisms!), water/sweat proof and slip resistant.  It is made from 100% recycled, multi-density, open-cell foam and does not release particles, filaments or harmful outgases the way carpet does.

Director of the studio Sean McNamee began his yoga practise in NYC in 2007 but changed to Bikram’s beginning classes 2008. “I was a gym rat and power lifter until I realised my lack of mobility was a result of getting too big. A friend dragged me to Hot Yoga. My first class was a revelation and a shock to realise my lack of flexibility.

Encouraged by the teachers and the “flexy’s” I continued. I lost 25 pounds my first month and gradually shrunk from 17 stone to 12 that included changing my clothes 4 times! 38 inch waist to 32 presently. My frame thanked me! especially my knees, and now I’m mastering postures not dreamt of in my teens.

The Grace has allowed and encouraged me to evolve from a Bikram teacher 2010, through Ghosh Yoga 2012 and Fierce Grace Hot Yoga 2014 to a hyper mobile Vinyasi Fly Yoga teacher training 2016 always seeking ever evolving. I’m super passionate about all Yoga and its life changing rewards so I try to offer classes to suit all levels.


I’m also so fortunate and blessed to have Incredible Yoga Teachers of the highest quality at the studio. So what are you waiting for !……………….its going to be fun! Its going to be challenging ! its going to be life changing ! and that’s how you change the world! Start with you and be the change you’d like to see!”


To truly understand the magic of Hot Yoga, you must experience the life-enhancing benefits for yourself.

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